Do I have to be a mum?

Aspiring mums, step mums, foster mums, mums with babies, teenagers and beyond …you’re welcome to join MumBoss. We each have unique experiences and advice to share with each other. Just makes our gang all the richer.

Do I have to be a boss?

Come on, we’re all bossing it! But whether you simply have an idea in your mind you’d love to pursue, or an established business running for a while – you’ll benefit from the support of MumBoss. We’re happy to be joined by employed mums too if you feel you’d value the sense of community.

What if my business is a little different?

Perfect! In the groups we have mums who work in so many different industries – fitness, nutrition, artists, bakers, coaches, social media consultants, web designers …the list goes on and on! We’ve all have the same kind of challenges and experiences being a mum who works. It makes no difference to us what you do. 

What do I get for my membership?

For your membership free you get access to the busy Facebook community where members ask questions, conduct market research, celebrate successes and rant about setbacks in a safe, judgement free zone. What happens in MumBoss stays in MumBoss.

How much does is it cost?

Just £7 for a minimum of three months, paid on a direct debit. 

Are there any rules?

“Rules control the fun.” Monica Geller. 

Nothing heavy though …

What happens in MumBoss stays in MumBoss – there MUST be trust in this space so any information shared by a fellow MumBoss in this group is confidential amongst members. Sharing anything outside of the group will unfortunately result in eviction.

This group has been setup to be a place of positivity. Facebook is renowned for it’s passive aggression but that kind of engagement is not welcome in this group. If you don’t like a thread or disagree with a point of view then just skim over it.

Any informal meet ups that take place outside of this structure between group members take place at your own risk. 

No direct sells/ads unless they are under the threads set up for this purpose.

Remember that you are what makes your business unique and though it is fine to be inspired by other members direct copying is NOT ok and will lead to eviction from the group. 

As leader of the group Kate is available Monday to Friday to answer your questions and support you if you are having any problems with the group. If in doubt just drop her a message.

Enjoy it! This is a place where magical things can happen. We are not judgey or cliquey. We’re all in the same boat and we’ve got each other’s backs. The more you give to the community the more benefits you will find automatically find their way to you.