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‘Amazing resource, professionally and socially! Kate has created a brilliant network. Running a small business can be lonely, being part of the MumBoss group has been really beneficial to me and Kate has offered solutions and sound advice whenever I’ve needed it. Highly recommend this group whether you’re just starting your business or if you’ve been running it for years.’

Well done…. you made it here!

Cheltenham MumBoss is THE place to be if you’re about to take the plunge into becoming self employed or launching a business, or if you want to build on your existing business and be part of a community of fellow mums who totally understand the juggle between work and family life.

Once you’ve completed the form via the link above the process for joining will begin and within 48 hours you’ll be introducing yourself in the private MumBoss Facebook group settling into your new online tribe of Cheltenham mums.

Membership is now just £7 per month with a direct debit agreement signed up to via Go Cardless. Minimum initial membership term is three months and after that one month’s notice is required to terminate membership.

Kate has created such a fantastic network of supportive women. She’s connected so many local business thus creating a support network for business as well as motherhood.
For those of us who are freelance it can be very lonely, it’s completely taken that away. Best virtual staff room girl gang in town!
Highly recommended.

What does the subscription based Cheltenham MumBoss Club offer?

It’s a community of working mothers and mothers in business who communicate via a private Facebook group. There’s masses of experience and niche expertise in the group and it’s a safe place to ask questions.

Though your membership covers access to the online Facebook group only it’s really common for members to arrange meet ups and coffee get togethers.

The professions of the women in the group vary massively but there isn’t really anyone running a massive organisation – for the most part we’re small to medium sized business with lots of one woman bands, kitchen table start ups or mums who have jumped back into the workplace and lots of people are open to skill swaps where you exchange knowledge products or services and everyone is super friendly so lots of collaborations often come about as a result of membership. 

Essentially you get out of the group what you put in – it’s a community of women who want to help one another as well as ask for help – it’s a great place to test ideas or get motivation when you are feeling a bit down as well as a massive pool of expertise. The one thing we all have in common is that we understand how hard it can be building and balancing a business alongside tearing about after the kids.