About The MumBoss Club

If you’re a mother who freelances or who runs their own business, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a bit of a unique juggle.

You can feel

  • isolated
  • overhelmed
  • like an imposter
  • like you’re pedalling too fast and not doing a good enough job at work or at home.

Guess what…. you’re not alone.

The MumBoss Club is a community of women in exactly the same position and we’re ready and waiting to welcome you into our community.

So, if you’re a mum (of any description!) who has a passion or business venture and wants to support, be supported, learn, connect and collaborate, we think you’ll love …

  • The support of likeminded women who want to share experiences, inspire and learn from YOU. 
  • Making contacts and networking with really helpful business women (in a non-stuffy, non-awkward breakfast meeting, non-terrifying elevator pitch kind of way *shudders*).
  • Getting out and about to some truly inspiring and events about all kinds of things – sometimes we drink coffee, sometimes it’s gin, sometimes we learn and sometimes we just offload. But getting together is always therapy for the soul.

Tell me more …

You can join The Cheltenham MumBoss Club right now

Or if you need to know a little more about the cost of subscription and what you can expect in return for that, take a look at our FAQs.

Here’s some images of our members hanging out, making friends, chatting all things motherhood and business. We’d love to see you in future pictures.