Wycombe Events

Tickets for this workshop are limited as it is intended to be a hands on learning session. Bring your laptop fully charged!

By the end of the session you’ll know how to….

• set up your MailChimp account

• import and organise your contact lists

• create an email campaign

• prepare email campaigns that get the best response

• monitor and report on the performance of your emails

• get more people to sign up to your email bulletins

And we will discuss…

· Key MailChimp features

· Avoiding abuse reports and being blacklisted

· Little known MailChimp tips and tricks

· GDPR: how it affects MailChimp lists & subscribers

· Marketing Automation: what are the benefits?

· How to improve your email marketing results

Refreshments are NOT included at this event, however please feel free to purchase your own food and drinks at the counter and bring them upstairs with you.

Babes in arms welcome.