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May Meet Up

Tuesday 14th May, 10.30am, The Strand, Cheltenham

Following the recent Facebook Live in the MumBoss Club about creating a strategy for your creative content (social media posts, PR campaigns, blogs, newsletters, photo shoots etc) I thought it would be great to get together to reaffirm the four types of content created by small businesses, the reasons behind each type, the way to creating a successful strategy and finally to jointly brainstorm ideas for content for one another’s businesses.

Kate will lead the session with a short talk at the beginning looking at successful content examples and reiterating the four types of content we should be looking to create as small business owners.

As a group we will then brainstorm examples of the different types of content and finally break into smaller groups to brainstorm specific content campaigns and examples for each individual business.

Attendees should leave with a list of ideas as to how to raise brand awareness, create engagement across their social media channels, drive home their business values, connect with their target customers and drive home sales of their product or service!

Tickets do not include refreshments but these can be purchased from the bar and brought upstairs.

Small babes in arms welcome but please note the room is up one set of stairs.

MumBoss members use usual code for 50% off your ticket price. 

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