About MumBoss

Oh, hello! Where have you been?!

We’d be chuffed to bits to welcome you to the MumBoss Club. So, if you’re a mum (of any description!) who has a passion or business venture and wants to connect and collaborate, we think you’ll love …

  • The support of likeminded Mumpreneurs who want to share experiences, inspire and learn from YOU. 
  • Making contacts and networking with really helpful business women (in a non-stuffy, non-awkward breakfast meeting, non-terrifying elevator pitch kinda way *shudders*).
  • Getting out and about to some truly inspiring and events about all kinds of things – we promise you’ll learn so much and be in complete awe of the speakers.

Tell me more …

MumBoss is a subscription based group – and there’s a teeny tiny monthly fee of £20 per month. And here’s what you’ll get:

1. Your world will open up to your very own posse of sassy, inspirational, helpful and totally non judgmental fellow mums in business in a private Facebook group. 

There’s always loads of interesting, purposeful and interactive stuff going on. It’s been described as a ‘virtual staff room’ and it’s your place to …

Share, ask questions, get advice, connect, make friendships, offer help, vent …about anything motherhood or business. 

2. The other benefit to being part of the MumBoss group is all of the physical the events you’ll be invited to. Sometimes it will be related to a business topic, and other times it will be a chance to build on your relationships whilst drinking all the coffee (and ocassionally cocktails).  

At daytime events you’re welcome to being babes in arms, and you can be sure you won’t be the only one running late with a sweaty top lip and a dubious stain on your hoodie.

No judgement here. 

There’s loads of other things going on which you’ll learn along the way, such as access to a panel of professional experts, a library of business and self-help books we’ll post to you and free coaching sessions. It’s bloody marvellous! 

So, sip on your coffee and watch this 3 minute video – then please sign up to join us in either Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire or Devon … do it, do it, do it …

Oh and if there’s no club in our area… why not start one? 

Mum Boss Club from CheltenhamMaman on Vimeo.

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